NEW! Strong 2U Rack Vented Panel (SR-VENT-2U)

NEW! Strong 2U Rack Vented Panel (SR-VENT-2U)

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Strong™ Rack Vented Panel

Form meets function. These vented blanks not only keep your investment cool, but they also obscure what lies beneath - be it wires or other unsightly items behind the rack. Proper airflow around equipment is critical to the long-term system performance so you can't be too careful when coming up with your rack's ventilation plan.

Eliminate Convection

  • Convection is the re-circulating of heated air and can result in "super heating" of electronic components -which shortens their life. It is critical to include adequate ventilation to ensure reliability and long life of electronics.

Room to Breathe

  • Vent panels and spacing are strongly recommended between each heat-generating component in a rack configuration. Use 1U or 2U vents for most components and 3U vents for multi-channel amplifiers including many high current surround receivers.

Ideal Ventilation

  • Our lab tests indicate that 33% open area ventilation provides the best airflow while also obscuring the view into the rack.

Deep Black Color

  • This product features a rich, scratch-resistant powder-coat finish that matches all our racks and accessories

* Important Note - This product is not compatible with the CP-UC fan.