NEW! Ametek	AM-VP-R ManageUPS Net Adapter

NEW! Ametek AM-VP-R ManageUPS Net Adapter

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NEW! Ametek AM-VP-R ManageUPS Net Adapter 

DHCP Network Configuration
Supports automatic configuration of IP settings using the DHCP protocol. DHCP server must be located on the same local network as the ManageUPS .

Multiple Networked Access Methods
Site power and UPS status information can be accessed securely from any computer on your network. View UPS system status in real time for situational decision support. Access via Telnet, SNMP, or Web Browser.

Network Shutdown
ManageUPS Network Shutdown Controller calls shutdown of computers running MopUPS NSA (Network Shutdown Agent) or RCCMD. Multiple schedules allow for graceful load shedding during extended outages to preserve battery autonomy for the most critical loads.

ManageUPS UPS Status Server allows computers running MopUPS Professional or MopUPS Special Edition for Parallel or Redundant Systems to share UPS status information. This allows server group administrators to tailor their own automated power-fail- response scenarios.

Both methods can be used simultaneously, and in various combinations to allow complete flexibility in tailoring sophisticated power-fail-response plans for a wide range of operating systems.

Telnet, Web, FTP, and SNMP servers can be individually disabled. SNMP server uses communities to restrict access. Web, Telnet and FTP servers have username and password access control. Web server uses basic HTTP authentication. Passwords used for Network Shutdown authentication are encrypted via MD5.

Allows firmware or configuration files to be updated over the network for simple maintenance. Using ManageUPS DCU for simplified updating and version management.

Event and Data Logging
On-board "flash drive" holds log files of UPS events, system events, & UPS data. WEB interface allows convenient log viewing utility and quick-link download button. Log files can also be retrieved via FTP.

Event Messaging
UPS events can trigger SNMP trap and/or e-mail event messages. E-mail message options include long, short and short-no-subject format options for easy forwarding via SMS or wireless handheld devices.

SNMP Agents
Embedded SNMP Agent conforms to SNMP RFC's -- RFC1213 (MIB II) and RFC1628 (Standard UPS MIB).

Simplified Network Configuration via DHCP and ManageUPS DCU.
Deploy-first, configure remotely -- or configure first, then deploy.